House Number For Government Bodies

    House numbers in Nepal were previously allocated based on their distance from the nearby streets in metric terms. In earlier days, the KMC staff used to measure the house distance from the nearby road, prepare a number plate for the house, and nail it somewhere. They also used to provide applicants with free copies of Kathmandu street maps.

    At that time, the Kathmandu street atlas was developed with Geographic Information System (GIS). But the atlas is outdated now, and Kathmandu during the early 20s was completely different from Kathmandu today. Allocating house numbers for houses in villages was more difficult. 

    Having house numbers for every house could take things to the next level. Things will get easier not just for general citizens but also the government bodies.

    Current Situation

    Currently, Google Maps is widely in practice in Nepal. If we have to visit any government office, we first turn on google maps and see where the office is. The application can locate the government offices, but we can’t track down  individuals’ houses.

    We can’t deny the fact that natural calamities can occur at any time in Nepal. The government takes a lot of time to get the data about victims. 

    Flooding occurs every year in Nepal. Fire is another incident that transpires quite often. Failure to approach victims on time often leads to terrible results. 

    The need to locate houses is crucial in Nepal.

    Benefits of E-Ghar Number for government bodies

    Government bodies would get a lot of benefits from E-Ghar numbers. Here’s how.

    • Government can take quick action if it quickly develops ideas about the victims of natural disasters. It can send its representative to the particular house for immediate rescue. 
    • During the census, the government hired hands could reach houses with ease. And the chances of remaining unconsidered will disappear. 
    • In medical emergencies, the hospital could reach the patient’s house in time. With such quick actions, patients can get treatment in time.
    • In case of fire, theft, or domestic violence, fire brigades and police can reach any house quickly. The time they would take to find a particular home will reduce. 

    Ghar number is beneficial to people at every level, be it government bodies, organizations, or general people. With time the Code Pros team would keep improving the Ghar number application.