Ghar Number for Businesses

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    The Ghar Number is a unique identification number generated for each house in Nepal. The number differs from one home to another. 

    In recent days, e-businesses are spreading widely in every country. How could Nepal not promote e-businesses? While e-businesses are flourishing, precise locating of houses is crucial. From picking products to delivering them at the customer’s doorstep, house mapping is essential.

    Current Situation

    Currently, we use multiple applications to navigate places. Among them, Google Apps is a widely used application. But google maps often fail to show the precise location, and sometimes the street gets wrong. 

    While ordering anything from online stores, we sometimes get tired of explaining our location. Multiple calls and wasting a long time are too irritating. Imagine getting your ordered products at your doorstep without having to explain your location. 

    As e-business is growing in Nepal, people anticipate orders to be delivered to their front door. At the moment, people have to include famous landmarks nearby, such as temples, trees, and hospitals.

    The Benefit of E-House Number Provided by Ghar Number

    Ghar number provides E-House Number to each house in Nepal. While placing an order, all you have to do is, share your ghar number as you share your name and phone number. And your favorite food will reach your doorstep with a single call.

    Every registered business and store can get its unique number. The stores at malls have different numbering systems already in practice. However, those numbers are manually indicated, but the ghar number provides a digital ghar number. 

    We can easily visit any store concerning the number that ghar number provides.

    Plug and Play solutions for Businesses

    Ghar Number is a technology that allows your device to be connected to a computer. You can immediately use the app and get your ghar number. 

    With plug-and-play functions, the device you use creates a unique code. Your PC will then use the code and recognize the device. The PC automatically configures parameters needed for the operation and loading of the functions.