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    With advancement in Internet technology, the geographic location of the world is accessible to everyone. We have technologies such as Google Maps, Google Plus Codes, Geolocation API, Open Street Map (OSM), and Metric Street. 

    The existing technologies fulfills mapping needs of people to some extent. However, they are not enough if one wants to locate a particular house. We still have to rely upon a well-known landmark. 

    To address the insufficiency of existing technologies, Code Pros developed “Ghar Number.” The Ghar Number is a derived application curated by the combination of Geolocation API, Google Maps, Google Plus Codes, and OSM, geolocated into a digital mapping interface for easy navigation.. It is actually a unique permanent digital number for all the  houses in Nepal.

    Ghar Number- The Problem That It Solves

    As a new concept, the capability of Ghar Number could be questionable. However, it is not a completely new approach. If you remember, there used to be a card in everyone’s house mentioning certain numbers. 

    The numbers on those number plates were lengthy and it was not possible to remember the numbers for each house. Thus, we can take “Ghar Number” as a modified approach.

    Before knowing how it helps, let’s see why it is needed?

    1. The widely used Google Maps provides easy navigation to registered businesses but does not provide specific house numbers for recurring uses.
    2. No existing technologies provide precise house locations. 
    3. While online stores send products to customers, the address finding process takes time and multiple phone calls. 
    4. It is hard even for ambulances when they travel to collect patients from their home. This may lead to the worst outcome, as worst as patient death.
    5. In villages houses are far apart from each other. During the census or any vaccination program, we cannot assure if every house is included. 
    6. Dreadful problems can occur at any point of time and in any place. They include natural disasters, social disputes, human violence, robbery, fire, or health issues. Unable to track the precise location could lead to worse results.

    The problems mentioned above are a few and there are multiple in existence. So yes, Ghar number is a solution to all those issues.

    Let me explain how. All the above issues could be solved if we know how many houses are there in Nepal and identify them in any way possible. And Ghar Number provides unique identity to all the houses in Nepal.

    Ghar Number: The Technology

    As mentioned earlier, Ghar Number combines all the existing technologies for location mapping. Ghar number is a simple application and you don’t have to remember every house number. 

    As of now, you will need internet connection to run the application. Ghar number does not have a mobile app at the moment. You thus need to know the application domain name. Now, share your location and get the house number. Easy. 

    Every common person including e-businesses and government bodies can use ghar number. 

    Ghar number generates two types of house numbers. 

    • Temporary Ghar Number 
    • Permanent Ghar Number

    1. Temporary Ghar Number

    Ghar Number creates Google Plus Codes if you are away from home or if Ghar Number application is unable to recognize your home. The format for these numbers is PC-xxxxxx.

    2. Permanent Ghar Number

    The format of the permanent ghar number is xxx-xxxx. The first x represents the state, the second and third xes represent the district code. The last four xes represent the ghar number identifier.

    By now you might have known enough about the Ghar Number. Let’s see how Ghar Number helps businesses.