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    A digital house number is a unique identification number assigned to each house. The houses include single-family homes, individual buildings, every flat in a specified apartment, every store in a commercial space, and every separate office unit in an office tower.

    Digital House Number in Nepal: The Need

    Let us get back to the good old days. I belong to the age when we (me and my friends) used to share postcards on New Year’s Day. I still remember the post office that used to be around a few minutes away from my house. 

    If we ask our parents or maybe the grandparents, they will tell us how they used to send letters to each other. Sometimes the letter would reach them within a week and sometimes not be delivered even after they meet.

    The struggle was real.

    And that requires a long supply chain that includes numerous other components that must all operate together. A break in any portion of it will cause a chain reaction that will affect the entire system.

    Thankfully, now we have cell phones in our hands. But is communication only the thing that requires proper address? Not.

    Consider delivering those letters to people who do not have proper addresses.

    We can see the situation play out at present while ordering a t-shirt from our favorite online store.

    Today you need an address to receive your delivery, but addresses are not always the thing. A street name is not always sufficient.  

    The precise address is most during certain uncertain events like robbery, fights , violence, etc., where it is most important to reach in time.

    Why is the digital house number important?

    A digital house number provides a precise address of any house. The ease in tracking someone’s location simplifies the everyday hustle people experience while traveling. 

    Let’s look at the important/ benefits of house numbers in Nepal.

    Help flourish online businesses

    Online business is expanding rapidly in Nepal. Let’s look at the current scenario. Gyapu marketplace recently made a sale of 3 crores within sixteen hours. 

    We can estimate the craze people are having towards online shopping. With a digital house number, the delivery person can deliver goods to the customer’s doorstep.

    Convenient and time-saving

    With digital house numbers, we no more need to make endless calls to reach someone’s house. 

    House number simplifies the process and saves time and money for everyone involved. The case is similar for online businesses and ordinary people.

    Emergency issues can be fixed on time

    We cannot completely prevent emergency issues that occur unexpectedly. Such problems include fire, theft, domestic violence, fights, and emergency health issues. But reaching the problematic area in the shortest time could save a number of victims. 

    Police, ambulance, and government bodies can easily track the specific locations and prevent the possible damages.

    Helps during the census, nationwide vaccination

    While the government allocates its representatives for census data collection or to provide vaccination or vitamin tablets to kids, ghar number would help them with location finding. There won’t be chances of any home missing.

    Less is more

    Digital house numbers alone can fill the gap that existing technologies cannot cover. By the statement, we don’t mean that existing technologies are insufficient. 

    The existing technologies give the generalized location and street address. However, the digital house number covers houses. As a whole, location tracking is simplest than ever.