We're group of ambitious people keen to solve house number issue inside Nepal.


    Ghar Number Pvt. Ltd. was registered in 2022AD as a privately registered Company in accordance with Company registration act of 2006 AD(2063 B.S).

    Established with a determination to derive and develop a digital application aimed to digitally map all the houses inside Nepal, generate a unique permanent digital Ghar Number(घर नम्बर) and visioned to implant a Physical Ghar Number Plate in every citizen’s houses(in front door or gate) for regular adaptation.

    Ghar Number- Digital House Number Provider
    long-term house mapping technology


    Develop long-term house mapping technology.

    One House, One Digital House Number


    ‘One House, One Digital House Number’

    idea of ‘Digital Nepal’ one step closer


    Push the idea of ‘Digital Nepal’ one step closer.